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The plot in which this build is located, oversees a vast expanse of space, and has the indulgence of great views. Therefore, it seemed trivial to not put such amazing views to waste, so through the extensive use and instillation of floor to ceiling windows to be fully able to appreciate the scenes. The windows did not just allow the client to have a panoramic view, but they also maximised the space already available in the property, as there is a sense of rolling and infinite space. Also, the clever instillation of Velux windows adds to the flooding of natural light, and such windows are pin pointed throughout the roof in order to create and inclusive, natural feeling.


Due to there being so much space for the clients to indulge their design desires in, Price & Price could fully showcase their high levels of style, quality and forward thinking design as to utilise the grand space to the best of their ability. This was truly made possible, due to the endless additions and architectural modifications, which is shown by the unique, colourful and ambient lighting instillation, that helps to further the comfort and use of the build, as even at night the extension can be flooded with light to create the perfect mood. Also, due to this build being a family home it was essential to create a multi use kitchen fit for every need, whether that be family dinner or entertaining guest.

We were able to interpret this need by installing high tech appliances, alongside a variety of cupboards with handle less features, adding to the seamless and futuristic design. The space itself has been literally elevated due to extensive steelwork to create levels, and dimension, this was essential in such a build as to fully utilise the space and make it interesting too. The substantial changes made outside, are seen to be the finishing touch to such an impressive build. As the Indian paving which circles the house acts as a stylish yet accessible way to connect their grand surroundings with an interior to match.


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