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A magnificent and progressive extension, designed with the intentions of standing out and representing the finest craftsmanship and advanced designs. This extension truly acts as an indulgent and fashionable piece, which presents the image of an opulent lifestyle. But overall, this is a home which can be fully enjoyed due to all the new and unique opportunities offered due to such a build.


The mixture of floor to ceiling windows in hushed tones and a bright K Rend creates a dazzling contrast, which is truly attention grabbing. However, it also acts as an inclusive form as it creates an almost glass wrap-around feature which captures their surroundings perfectly. By having an open plan space, supported by steel work the interior is minimalistic however, the sense of infinite space adds to the luxe effect. Subtle tones throughout the build work perfectly with the exterior and add to the continuous theme, which may be pinpointed by the installed LED’s, both inside and outside, which highlight the great piece.

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