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A distinctive build designed to create the ultimate kitchen for any family, meeting the needs of each family member, whilst producing a fully functioning, multi use centre for them to enjoy as a family. Such methods and features applied by Price & Price aided the accommodation of the smallest needs, as to fully compliment the client’s lifestyle, and desired “look and aesthetic”.


The use of a grand kitchen island was essential for this project, as it commands the space and demands attention, especially due to the Velux windows encased by the vaulted ceiling, that beam light down onto the kitchen island. The custom kitchen fit which is complimentary with any Price & Price kitchen design, features many stunning designs which may not be noticeable on first glance, but collectively push the interior to its full potential. Such as the handle-less cupboards, faced with lacquer white fronts which reflect the cleverly installed under cupboard highlighting, the push the image of a sleek, seamless and stylish design. Whilst, smaller LED’s create a relaxed ambiance in contrast to the powerful under cupboard LED’s. In general, such a grand space which has been accessed due to careful and considerate consultation, has opened many possibilities for the future of the build.

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