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A grand and futuristic build, designed to stand the test of time as a timeless and indulgent home, meeting the most minute needs for an easy and seamless lifestyle, delivering a home which may be enjoyed by all. Such a project stands out and is incomparable to others as it stands as a distinctive and individual home, which is “one of a kind” due to its unique features and luxurious feel.


The mixture of floor to ceiling windows and expansive windows in hushed tones creates an inclusive view throughout the vast home, as to have an enjoyable view of perfectly gravelled drive. Moreover, such extensive use of grand windows allows the surrounding nature to be embraced fully into the home, maximising natural sunlight to create an airy and light atmosphere. Which is defined by the opened up walkway between the out building and § experiencing harsh weather, and in comfort too. Another exterior feature which furthers the opulent image of the home, is the rich contrast of colours between the white coated Render, slate roof and dark characteristics shown on the garage door and window frames, allowing this prime design to truly stand out. Also, the substantially sized garage and man cave, provides and intimate recluse away from the home, as to indulge any hobbies, providing valuable space for household essentials, housed under our mastered vaulted build.


The interior inside is superior, and creates a sense of urban luxury due to its unique character and distinguished features. For example, the clean and sleek kitchen installed by Price & Price has handless cupboards, that match the overhanging breakfast island for seamless continuity of materials. Whilst, the use of adjustable LED lighting creates ambiance and mood, as the client may pick any colour to represent their mood. Our clever use and instillation of feature lighting commands attention and occupies space which would’ve otherwise be under appreciated, this may be shown by the magnificent spiral chandelier which truly brightens up the grand entry, creating a welcoming aura.

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