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Originating as a tame and traditional detached, Sandridge Avenue lacked a modern twist, and the ability to fully cherish their vast garden and space available. Such an extensive project required deep consultation and architectural services (complimentary with any Price & Price experience), as to cleverly meet the needs and desired image of the clients, and to achieve the main goal of maximising and showcasing the back garden as its greatest asset. In order to reflect such aims Price & Price installed infinite floor to ceiling windows, creating limitless space, especially when combined with the stone stairs as it elevates the house as to look over the garden from a higher level.


The use of a flawlessly applied K Rend with a bright white finish creates an awe inspiring image, which is a huge contrast and positive difference to how the build used to look. Therefore, the careful and well planned design and master fit truly elevated a house which had minimal potential, to a showcase with limited barriers on space both inside and outside.


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