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Comparing the pictures from before and after, there has been significant and thorough redesigning and rebuilding which has definitely transformed the home and specifically the kitchen into an up-to-date and modern living area fit for any family.


Through the use of extensive work on the back of the house, Price & Price installed a larger extension onto the home to house an elegant kitchen and comfy living area. Within the Kitchen, cool and relaxing tones have been applied to not only the appliances but the main interiors too, as the fitted floor creates an atmosphere of a rustic kitchen, whilst the white brushed kitchen cabinets exude an elegant and charming vibe.  The clever use of a simple kitchen island, vastly improved the space as it commands an area of the floor which would’ve gone unused, therefore furthering the uses of the kitchen and exceeding the client’s needs of a kitchen which one could use to not only cook but entertain too. Whilst, the overhead Velux windows create a sense even more space due to the light and airy atmosphere.


The large doors create an easy and accessible way to enjoy the outside, especially considering the patio area, which perfectly frames the home and offers additional space for entertainment, which was definitely not available before the build.

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