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Extensive work has been witnessed on this build, as Price & Price went beyond the expectations of the client and completely transformed the property into an exceptional home.


The grand rebuild, required intensive consultation and designing as to produce the ultimate entertainment and relaxation centre for our clients. This began by stripping the entire conservatory and introducing structural ground supports, which would be able to house a much larger extension. The extra space gained was further enhanced by the installation of numerous Velux Windows, and a collection of floor to ceiling windows, as to allow natural light and the surrounding nature to be embraced into the home, which is particularly enhanced due to the natural wood patio, which completes their environment perfectly. Such use of the treated wood is a prime example of how the home has a more contemporary country inspired atmosphere.


The cosy open area of the extension is perfect for all seasons due to the substantial shade it provides, however there is also a singular Velux Window present to allow the area to be flooded with natural sunlight.

The custom interior, supported by useful steelwork (Installed by Price & Price) exuded a classic and relaxed vibe due to the natural colour scheme, and multi levels, which enhance the use of space and natural light even further. The theme of naturally occurring woods is also present inside as the flooring helps to compliment the outside seamlessly.

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The Wold

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