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Even the smallest addition to a house, can make a vast difference. Price & Price deeply believe that the techniques applied by them can have a massive impact, regardless of the size, which is testament in this build.


By using many floor to ceiling windows, there is a greater sense of space as the extension is not limited in light and has been opened up to its surrounding nature, which is exemplified by the large floor to ceiling windows at the back of the build which help to draw in the garden, and limit the feeling of being “boxed” or separated from the outside. Also, even though the kitchen is within the existing build, it has not been limited to light either as the clever use of Velux Windows helps to reflect and draw in light which may be filtered naturally into the kitchen.


The use of a large and clean kitchen island is prominent, as it acts as the main divider between the living area and the kitchen space, therefore there is no sense of clutter. By installing all white surfaces and interiors within the kitchen, there is a portrayed image of a sleek and sensible design, as the light can easily bounce between the appliances.

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